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A well-maintained garden, lawn, swimming pool is a joy and pleasure for every property owner. But in a warm climate it is necessary to maintain them regularly in order to keep them tidy. Our company offers a comprehensive service for your garden, its landscaping, as well as quality pool maintenance. We offer our services both on a one-time basis and on an ongoing basis.
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Comprehensive garden care

Taking care of your garden isn't just about planting trees and creating flowerbeds. A garden is constantly changing and growing, so it's important to ensure that it looks well maintained and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. With proper and professional garden care, the garden will look better and better each season. Depending on your wishes and abilities, our specialists will provide professional services and help increase the beauty, harmony and unique image of the garden.

The cost of one-time and comprehensive garden maintenance is calculated individually for each case, based on the area of the garden, the amount of work, as well as the frequency of its implementation.
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Our garden care services

Lawn mowing and maintenance Spain
Lawn mowing and maintenance. We will provide the technique and manual labor, make the maintenance of the surface taking into account all the rules. The company's specialists will be able to choose the frequency and intensity for each type of lawn and types of grass.
Planting and pruning in Madrid Barcelona Costa-Blanca
Planting and pruning, which will give your garden a well-groomed appearance. Our specialists follow all the rules of care, which will maximize the positive effect.
Trimming of bushes and hedges Spain
Trimming of bushes and hedges will give an attractive appearance and health of the decorative part of your plot.
Pest and insect treatments especially from D.N.Casaservice
Pest and insect treatments especially in hot tropical climates will keep your yard looking its best.
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If you sign a contract with our company to take care of your garden, you do not have to worry about its condition, and you can just enjoy the beauty of a well-groomed garden.

Our company offers comprehensive gardening services. The services of a gardener can be either one-time or on a permanent basis by concluding a contract.

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Maintenance of swimming pools

Swimming pool in hot climates - is not a luxury, but a vital necessity. Own pool - not only an ornament to any site, but also a thing beneficial to health. But any artificial reservoir, designed for swimming, requires regular and professional care. Its maintenance should be carried out monthly, and with intensive use - at least 3-4 times a month.
Our company provides a range of services. They are aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of the pool, as well as extending its life.
Help with swimming pool
Our pool maintenance services
Troubleshooting swimming pool Spain
  • Diagnostics of the system of pumps, timers, heating, etc.
  • Replacement of defective equipment, modernization of technical equipment of the swimming pool.
Maintenance and filter replacement swimming pool in Spain
Maintenance and filter replacement:
  • Inspection of the filter body and analysis of the quartz sand;
  • Replacement of the filter if necessary;
  • Diagnostics of additional parts (seals, glands, bearings)
professional cleaning swimming pool Spain
Professional cleaning
  • Debris collection from the surface with a net and from the bottom with a professional water vacuum cleaner;
  • Rinsing the filter and analyzing the condition of the filtering equipment;
  • Checking the water level in the basin;
  • Cleaning the waterline and pool walls of mineral deposits and scaling

What kind of pools do we serve?

Outdoor and indoor

With different types of filtration

With manual and automated bottom and wall cleaning systems

With and without rides

Public, private and children's

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