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Living in a hot climate is almost impossible without air conditioning. But regular use of the cooling system can lead to both minor and major equipment failures. And in order to ensure efficient and smooth operation of the air conditioner, it needs proper care. It is also necessary to correct any malfunctions in a timely manner before they cause serious damage to the equipment.
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The first signs of problems with the air conditioner

repair of air conditioners Spain

Regular maintenance is done periodically, whether there are any problems or not. This approach really helps to ensure that your air conditioning equipment runs reliably and smoothly. If a malfunction occurs, it can indicate poor air conditioning maintenance.

Such failures can include the following symptoms:
1. Insufficient cooling or heating of the air blown out by the air conditioner;
2. Noise or vibration in or around the air conditioner that is not related to normal operation of the unit;
3. Unpleasant doors or dust in the room when the air conditioner is operating;
4. Intermittent shutdowns or malfunctions in the air conditioner, which may indicate a malfunction in the system.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should contact a professional for further diagnosis and repair of the air conditioner.

Service intervals for air conditioners

The frequency of maintenance of air conditioning systems can depend on the operating conditions, the quality of the installation and the environment. It is generally recommended that air conditioning equipment be serviced twice a year, in the spring and fall.

In addition, the frequency of service may vary depending on the type of facility. Some of the types of facilities include:
Residential buildings, apartments

Perform maintenance twice a year - in spring and fall
Offices, public and administrative buildings
Maintenance is required at least every 3 months
Premises with high dust levels, restaurants, kitchens
Perform maintenance at least once a month
Maintenance assistance

Air Conditioning Service

cleaning air conditioner in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante
Professional cleaning of the internal elements of the air conditioner in order to improve its operation and indoor air quality. This service includes:
  • cleaning the filters of the indoor unit;
  • cleaning of the drainage system;
  • cleaning of heat-exchange chambers of indoor and outdoor unit
disinfection air conditioner Spain Costa-Blanca
Disinfect your air conditioner from bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can accumulate in the air conditioning system and increase the chance of illness. The service includes:
  • cleaning the internal elements of the air conditioner;
  • use of agents to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses;
  • check and clean filters, which can also accumulate bacteria and fungi.
In normal air conditioner operation, the refrigerant does not need to be topped up often. Freon leakage will occur depending on usage, temperature conditions, and other factors. You can tell when it is time to charge the air conditioner by the following signs: the air in the room is poorly cooled or not cooled, frost has formed on the outside of the unit.
minor repairs of air conditioners Spain
Small jobs
Checking the operability of the equipment (condition of electrical components, heat exchanger, electric motor, fan, etc.) and identifying malfunctions. If problems are detected at an early stage, you can avoid more serious repairs in the future.
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Our company offers different options for air conditioning maintenance:
• annual or one-time;
• semi-annual or seasonal (twice a year);
• quarterly;
• monthly.

If you sign a contract with our company for maintenance of air conditioning systems, you do not have to worry about the state of your equipment, and you can just enjoy the comfortable and safe use of.

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